Rich Elon $RICH

Private Lands

This is owned privately by the individuals. It can be bought and resold in the auction market.
All land was initially sold at auction, and represents land that currently has incumbents who have unconditional ownership.

District Lands

A set of individuals can come together to form a group. Such a group can decide to purchase and own landed properties and put them for use. Such land can be auctioned in the market, or have structures built on it.

Public Lands

This is the land meant for public usage. People can meet for discussions, relaxations, workouts, exercises and more in such places. These are also potential spawn / open plots; or meeting places for the community to gather

Public Roads

$ILLEGAL follows the real estate structure that is habitable for non-land holders.So, there are roads for vehicles and pedestrian use in the city to freely explore meeting places such as shops, bars & clubs.